The first year of the second 50 years of the Lodge turned out to be the busiest year on record for degree workings. In the 1954/1955 Masonic year the Lodge initiated 16 members, passed to the second degree 6 members and raised one member to the third degree. A look at the work performed in that year reveals the following program:

20 May 1954

Initiation of Mr. Farraway

17 June 1954

Initiation of Mr. Cregan

15 July 1954

Raising of Brother Johnson

19 August 1954

Initiation of Messrs Munro & Smith

16 September 1954

Initiation of Messrs Clifford & Anderson

21 October 1954

Passing of Brothers Farraway & Cregan

18 November 1954

Initiation of Messrs Hankin, Berry & Olive

16 December 1954

Initiation of Messrs Powell, Johnson, Lewis & Jim Speers

20 January 1955

Passing of Brothers Munro, Smith, Clifford & Anderson

17 February 1955

Initiation of Messrs Raymond,

Carr & Harrison

17 March 1955

A first degree tracing board was delivered

In addition to the 16 initiations the Lodge also had 3 members affiliate in the year.

1954 40 years service to Freemasonry certificates

This 1954/1955 Masonic year equalled the 1921/1922 year with the highest number of initiates in a year that the Lodge has had in its first 100 years.

Overall in the history of the Lodge the first 50 years saw the initiation of 248 brethren, and the second 50 years a total of 121 initiations, reflecting in some ways the changing pattern of businesses at Byron Bay, and as mentioned earlier in this history the effect of industries on the overall membership. A table of initiations for each decade shows this point quite clearly of the effect of Byron Bay changing from an industrial town and seaport to a tourist town.

Decade Ended

















= 248















= 121

Early in the second 50 years of the Lodge, it became apparent that financial reserves for the maintenance of the Temple would have to be set up. In 1959 the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Keith Brown made this known to the members and a fund was set up.
At that time an amount of two shillings and sixpence (25cents) was taken out of each members dues per month to set up this fund. This represented 33% of the monthly dues of seven shillings and sixpence (75cents). The Temple at that time was valued, in the balance sheet of the Lodge, at five hundred and forty-two pounds five shillings and one penny which relates to decimal currency at $1084.51. Over this period of time, and for many years the Installation meetings were conducted on a Saturday evening and this continued well into the second 50 years of the Lodge's history. The regular annual Christmas tree held for the members' children was also a regular feature of the Lodge's calendar, although in 1969 a move was made to replace this function with a picnic in lieu, but the move failed and the Christmas tree continued to be held until 1971 when from that date no Christmas tree has been held, which may reflect the aging of the membership with their children perhaps getting beyond the Christmas tree festivities.

At the January meeting in 1966, it was decided to make an annual donation to assist the fundraising efforts of Brother George Feros who was actively raising funds at that time within the community to build a nursing home. In later years a public committee was formed within the town to raise money and build an aged care home. This committee was eventually successful but the government of the day supported the idea of an aged care hostel and not a nursing home and so the Orthodox Homes became a reality in Byron Bay. In later years George Feros's name was again remembered and his dream eventually became a reality when another fundraising committee was formed and successfully opened firstly a 40 bed hostel in the town of Byron Bay and later a 30 bed (later to become a 45 bed) nursing home at Bangalow both of which bear George's name. They are called the Feros Village.

The year 1970 saw Lodge Cavanbah change districts and details of this and a surprise visit by members of the new district to the Lodge are reported elsewhere in this history. The new District brought the Lodge into more contact with the lodges south of Byron Bay, and the Lodge was to remain in this district area until into the new century when Lodge Cavanbah and Lodge Bangalow were again reunited with the lodges north of the towns and up to Tweed Heads.

Guy Ethell & Duncan Ethell

At the meeting on the 15th. June 1972 the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Ron Hutchinson thanked the members who had assisted at the working bee on the beach. Further research on this statement reveals that the working bee was held at the home of Brother Joe Forbes whose house was being threatened by the rising tide levels and soil erosion. A further working bee was called for at that time to finish off the job. Not many years later Joe and family moved from that area, further away from the sea.

On the 15th May 1975, the Lodge received a letter requesting a clearance from Brother George Feros. Brother George had been a member for many years and had occupied the position of Tyler for many, many years. For family reasons and the ability to increase his fundraising ventures for his dreamed of Nursing Home were the reasons given for this request and so the Lodge lost a long-serving and most colourful member.

In 1977 the Lodge received donations of new regalia from two members. Early in the year Worshipful Brother Ron North had presented the Lodge with half of the regalia required, and this was followed in July 1977 when Worshipful Brother Guy Ethell on behalf of his family presented the other half of the set of new regalia for the Lodge.

An attempt was made in March 1978 to organise the making and placing of road signs advertising the Lodge's meeting time and place and although this was approved in open lodge by the members the actual signs were never erected. In later years about 1996, the Ladies Probus Club of Byron Bay approached the Lodge with a suggestion that if they obtained permission and organised road signs that they would place such signs at each entrance to Byron Bay. The Lodge was in favour of this plan and advised the Probus Club accordingly but to date, there are still no signs of this nature advertising Service Clubs and other community organisations like Freemasonry. The minutes of the meeting of the 18th January 1979 stated that the road signs had been received and had to be paid for and that the positioning of them was to be left to the Worshipful Master and the Secretary. Still, the signs did not appear and to this day do not exist.

For many years the Lodge had each year presented the outgoing Master with a Past Master's jewel and initially paid for the jewel. In later years the Lodge paid $25.00 towards the cost of this jewel and on the 21st February 1980 this mount that was to be paid towards the cost of the jewel was increased to $75.00 and this amount still remains today.