Installations were originally held in February until the 22nd January 1910 when the by-laws were altered making the Installation in April. Like the day of the meeting the month of the Installation has remained April ever since. Up till the 1914 Installation it was the custom for the Installations to be carried out by the District Grand Inspector of Workings, but since that date each retiring Worshipful Master has installed his successor.

The services of Brother J. W. Mildenhall as an officer of the Lodge are worthy of note. He was the first Junior Deacon but owing to defective hearing he did not aspire to higher office. He was Tyler in 1905 and held that office until 1909 when he moved to Lismore. He was again appointed as Tyler on the 11th August 1911 and held that position until his death in 1936. On the 2nd July 1909 he was presented with a Tyler’s jewel. The first mention of a jewel in the Lodge was the presentation of an organist’s jewel to Brother G. T. Clark, who was a schoolmaster at Bangalow. Up until 1906 there were no Lodges at Bangalow or Mullumbimby. In 1906 a requisition for a Lodge at Bangalow was presented and read out in Lodge Cavanbah. The minutes of that meeting read as follows “After a lot of discussion both adverse and concurrent on the matter it was put to the vote of the brethren and the result was for 5 against 7”. It was apparent that only 12 brethren were pre.sent. However another application was made to Lodge Unity at Ballina for approval to the opening of a Lodge in Bangalow and the approval was granted and Lodge Bangalow was formed and dedicated on 14th November 1907, with the Foundation Master being Very Worshipful Brother C. F. Stephens.

The application form for endorsement from the Mullumbimby brethren for a new Lodge was received on the 24th May 1908 and endorsed by Lodge Cavanbah. Lodge Brunswick at Mullumbimby was dedicated on the 15th September 1908, the Foundation Master being Worshipful Brother Donald Ross, who later was honoured with the rank of Honorary Deputy Grand Master.

The first lecture recorded is that of Worshipful Brother Bryce on 26th October 1906, taking as his subject “The origin of Freemasonry”. He later delivered further lectures during his membership of the Lodge. His brother was later accepted as a member as also was his son who was later killed in the 1914-1918 war.

1908 was a lean year in the history of the Lodge as we find it recorded in the minutes that the Worshipful Master ordered that all officers be written to stating that unless they attended to their duties better as officers he would recommend that the charter be taken away from the Lodge. There were a number of occasions when only seven members were present and one meeting is recorded as having lapsed as only three brethren were present.

Captain CT BensonThe first Grand Lodge visit recorded was on the 6th October 1911, when Right Worshipful Brother A. Halloran (afterwards to be Grand Master) accompanied by Very Worshipful Brothers Mance, Patterson and Walters visited the Lodge. The Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother J. Goulston visited the Lodge on the 20th August 1925. The years 1914-1918 marked the first Great World War 1 and Brothers G. Manson, W. Grimwood, S. S. Cornwell, and W. R. Bryce enlisted from among the members. Brother Bryce was killed in action, but the other brethren returned, and Brother S. S. Cornwell afterwards occupied the chair as Worshipful Master. Mention must be made of the part played by the seafaring brethren on the boats of the North Coast Steam Navigation Company to Byron Bay. Many members of the crews were initiated in the Lodge and many members affiliated. Occasions have been recorded when the boats put out from the jetty during the night and returned to Sydney leaving the brethren at Byron Bay. One of our members Brother H. B. Young who was purser on the Wollongbar afterwards became the District Grand Inspector of Workings in one of the Sydney districts. An irreparable loss was sustained when Brother C. T. Benson, Captain of the S. S. Wollongbar lost his life when his ship was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. Brother Benson endeared himself to members of the Lodge and on many occasions brought many members of his crew along to the meetings. An enlarged photograph of Brother Benson was presented to the Lodge by Brothers Cobbin and Middleton and unveiled by Very Worshipful Brother Brownell on the 21st October 1943. This photograph still hangs in the Lodge room at Byron Bay.